2017-12-08 Congrats!! Anna Tchenio is PhD!!!!! Big thanks goes to Stephan Lammel, Paul Slesinger, Kelly Tan, Alberto Bacci and Philippe Faure!


2017-12-06 Open position for a Postdoctoral fellow in the field of habenular synaptic function Postdoc position_M-LAb.

2017-11-01 GO Kristina GO. Kristina Valentinova left the M-Lab to join the Nevian Lab in Bern for a Postdoc!! All the best KV, it has been a fantastic PhD experience!

2017-10-27 Congrats Anna!!! Paper out!!!

2017-10-01 Welcome Alvaro! Alvaro Nuno Perez joins the Mameli Lab after obtaining a Master degree at the University of Amsterdam and internships with M Schmidt and C Lohmann.

2017-09-05 Congrats Salvatore !!! Paper out!!!

2017-03-24 Open position for PhD student in the field of Synaptic circuits for Reward and Aversion Encoding. PhD Job Ad_Mameli.

2017-01-09 The Mameli-Lab starts officially at the DNF University of Lausanne! Thanks  Jean-Antoine, JCP, Nico, Assu, Alex, the Admins and the rest of the IFM crew for the great time! And thanks Claudia and all the DNF crew for the great welcome! 

2016-09-30 FORZA Frank. Frank Meye starts his own Research line at the RMI @ Utrecht with a VENI Return Grant and a Narsad Young Investigator Grant!! Great ride FJM.

2016-09-16 Congrats!! Kristina V. is a PhD!!!!! Thanks to Jaideep Bains, Camilla Bellone, Mark Ungless, Vivien Chevaleyre and Philippe Faure..



2016-08-18 Congrats Kristina!!!! Paper out!!

2016-07-27 News & Views by Ishikawa and Kenny on our article!








2016-06-27 Congrats Frank !!! Paper out!!!

2016-06-01 Don’t miss the 2016 IFM Colloquium on GABA Signaling:

2016-05-01 Welcome Massimo! Massimo Trusel joins the Mameli Lab after a successful doctoral thesis in the Tonini Lab at IIT Genova.

2016-01-25 Congrats Salvatore & Anna !!! Paper out!!!

2016-01-01 Postdoc position open in the Mameli Lab